Soft Shapes -Textured Kidz Meals

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Our Meals
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Our meals are prepared with a consistent and safe texture that meets the standards set forth by The International Dysphagia Diet Standardization.

Our culinary chefs prepare every meal with care and with pride and with the intent of having children enjoy meal time and look forward to eating food that looks delicious and more importantly looks like what everybody else enjoys eating.

Our menu includes pureed items such as hot dogs, chicken legs, french fries, as well as broccoli, carrots corn on the cob, eggs, pancakes and waffles and no melt ice cream.

Every meal is prepared only with fresh ingredients, and without any commercial thickeners whatsoever, to ensure children are receiving healthy food without preservatives or GMO's.

Soft Shapes is the pediatric division of Textured Food Innovations and ensures that meals are packaged and delivered right to your door.  Meals are frozen and require simple heating.  

Our goal is to make meal time less stressful for parents and caregivers and to make meal time enjoyable and nutritious for children who must be on special modified diets.  
Soft Shapes is the Pediatric Division of Textured Food Innovations