Soft Shapes -Textured Kidz Meals

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(516) 731-3663 on Long Island
Soft Shape Textured Kidz Meals is a division of Textured Food Innovations.

Our mission is to improve nutrition for children with oral feeding and swallowing problems and to provide meals that are safe and easy to chew and swallow. In addition, children deserve to have meals that are enjoyable and fun to eat too. 

Our team of speech pathologists, dieticians, and executive chefs have joined together to prepare a menu of pureed meals that are visually appealing and prepared with fresh ingredients and without "COMMERCIAL THICKENERS".

Every child deserves to eat food that is healthy and provides an opportunity to promote physical and cognitive growth in meeting milestones in all aspects of development and learning.

About Us
Meet Our Team
Dr. Carol Letzter
Mr. Darren Benfell
Product Developer
Dr. John Amato
Ms. Barbara Zilbert
Support Coach
Ms. Paula Montagna
Registered Dietician
Dr. Roseann Spatz
Speech Pathologist