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This website is designed especially for children and their parents who have concerns about their child's oral feeding - swallowing

Adequate nutrition is vital to a child’s overall development, and parents can feel confident in purchasing specialized dysphagia meals from Soft Shapes. Our team of culinary experts have been preparing textured modified meals for years with a special passion for the pediatric population. Our Speech Pathologists have been evaluating and treating children with special needs and feeding and swallowing difficulties and therefore can help you choose a menu that meets your child's individual dietary requirements.  

We understand that parents may be somewhat apprehensive about what to feed their child and that they want to ensure that meals are safe to swallow and chew.   That is why every parent is offered the opportunity to visit us with their child to taste our delicious meals prior to purchase .  Parents will even have the opportunity to speak with one of our Speech Pathologists if they so desire. It is our goal to ensure that both you and your child will enjoy meal time together

We are pleased that you have visited our website and we welcome any questions you may have about our textured pureed meals.

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